HTML5 Based Web Photo Gallery Software
Designed to publish images and videos with smooth and rich presentation over the web not just for desktop view but also on tablets and smart phones with touch-screen support. Software is currently available as a plug-in for jAlbum.
Designed With Flexibility And Latest In Mind
Technology: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and XML. PHP for interactive features like Guestbook.

Browsers: IE 8+, FireFox 4+, Chrome, Safari, Opera & any HTML5 supported mobile device browsers

Use Predefined themes or create your own styles using plug-in interface. Advanced user? Customize directly using CSS.
Multi-Layout Album + Site With Customizable Features
* SiteCreator: Not just gallery but build a complete website using customizable page templates
* Slides - jpg, gif, png, mp4, ogv, html, iframe, YouTube, Vimeo and any file format as downloable slide.
* Multi-Language Support
* Protected Gallery
* MP3 Player, Guestbook
* Share/Like on Social networks
* SlideShow, Slide Reflection, EXIF/IPTC display, Google Maps and many more
Fully functional free trial
Free trial is fully functional and for unlimited use! Displays unobtrusive FotoSlides copyright text in the footer and in Slides window. Purchase license to remove trial texts and for unlimited email and live support.
Cross-Device Compatible
Designed for desktop and mobile device browsers and supports swipe actions to scroll gallery menu and slides. Includes fallback support to plain html version if old version browser detected or if javascript is disabled. Downloable slides as HTML5 video player fallback.


FotoSlides is a highly customizable HTML5 based photo gallery software designed to publish your photos & videos online with a smooth and rich presentation. Not just the album but you can also build a complete site using the predefined themes compatible for desktop, tablets and smartphones. Customize the FotoSlides skin features and build the album using jAlbum (a great photo album generator). Skin will create the required files for the web album presentation. All you need is to just upload the generated album contents to the web. It's that simple!

FotoSlides is designed to be flexible for amateurs to make a simple album to share with friends & families as well as for pro photographers to create a complete portfolio websites and protected client proof albums. More advanced features planned for the future and you can expect the same level of quick customer support as done for years for FotoPlayer --another feature-rich web based photo gallery software from the same house.

Key Features

New Standard

HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery framework based; XML data management and PHP; Desktop, Tablets and Smart phone compatible with Touch-Screen support

Social media Share/Like

Share the slide or any site page on social networks. Also comes with optional count feature to show the hits for each network.

RSS Feeder

Feed for entire album or for a specific folder or for recent images. Create feed with only images matching keywords

Easy to install

XML/PHP based data management. No database used and no additional software required on the server

Multilingual support

Customizable Texts (UTF-8 encoding) managed using easy-to-edit language profile files. Publish albums in multi-language without duplicating the album content


FotoSlides plugin for Google Drive. Host images on cloud and update album content dynamically using Desktop/Android/iOS google drive apps. Free plugin only for licensed users.

Multi-Format Slides

In addition to image and video formats you can also publish any file format as a slide. Also supports YouTube, Vimeo, iframe embed. Uses HTML5 video player.

Unlimited Galleries

Supports unlimited galleries and photos within the album

Plain HTML fallback

Automatic redirect to SEO compatible plain html for older browser versions or when JavaScript not detected


Download full size image for the slide. Optional Password protection to allow only restricted users to download the originals


Supports image EXIF/IPTC metadata display and when GPS data detected, displays Google Maps window within the album

HTML5 Audio Player

Background music with different play modes.Plays unlimited tracks


Moderated guestbook. Guestbook admin system to review and manage. Email notification for new comment


Includes predefined album themes. Customize themes from the skin interface or directly usig CSS

Password Protect

Password protect entire album or a specific folder within the album. Option to email notify when someone login


Build a minimalistic and complete website using provided site page templates. Customize the styles easily from the interface and using CSS.

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