Album created with default settings, SiteCreator enabled,Dark Gray Theme. Other Themes: Black, White, Grunge, Light Gray, Sky, Brown
Album is fully compatible on tablets and mobile devices with touch screen support.

Protected gallery demo. Login user name is 'user' and the password is 'password'. Theme: Grunge

Browser history support for folder and slide views. Option to link directly to open a specific sub-gallery or a slide. Open Nature gallery , Open Parrot Slide

Album-only mode (SiteCreator disabled). Slide window with image-only feature icons ( Share/ Guestbook/ Download/ Stretch). Check out protected sub-gallery under 'Digital'.

RSS Feeder demo. FotoSlides RSS feed is built dynamic. You can build RSS feed for the entire album ,list only recent images, feed for each folder or even feed to list images with specific tags.

Easily integrate album to existing site using iframe. Includes optional feature to build iframe sample page to the required size based on the features enabled. Window Close feature disabled in this demo.

Tree Gallery Menu disabled, Thumb view gallery mode enabled, Background music set to autoplay mode, Thumbs in slide window disabled, Slide reflection effect enabled

Auto redirect to SEO friendly plain HTML version of the gallery (no javascript used) as a fallback for non-compatible browsers like IE6 & Firefox 3. Designed to work any mobile device that can render html.

Social Network like/share feature enabled in all pages, Slide description disabled, Custom links added in gallery menu (Home Page and Mailto links), Control bar and other window displays always-on.