Method 1:  Using Auto Install



1. Visit and click on INSTALL SKIN button.

2. Click OPEN in the file download prompt window.

3. jAbum skin manager will prompt a confirmation before installing. Click OK

4. Installation confirmation window will be displayed.

Note: Instead of opening the file, you can also use 'Save' option and store FotoSlides_v1.0.jaskin  to your desktop. Open jAlbum and drag and drop FotoSlides_v1.0.jaskin into jAlbum. This will initiate the jAlbum skin installer.

5. Open jAlbum. You should notice the skin FotoSlides_v1.0 listed. Select the skin.

6. To find the physical location where JAlbum has installed the skin, use Tools->Open directories->Skin directory menu.

In Windows Vista, the skin folder location will be C:\users\<username>\Application Data\JAlbum\skins\ . This is where JAlbum will install the downloaded skins.

In Windows XP, the skin folder will be C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\JAlbums\skins\


You've now successfully installed the skin!



Method 2: Using ZIP



1. Visit and use the link 'You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder. " to download the skin in ZIP format to your desktop.

2. Unzip the downloaded zip file contents into JAlbum installed directory skins folder C:\program Files\JAlbum\skins

You've now successfully installed the skin!



Important Note:


jAlbum manages skin installation in two folders. The default skins that comes with the software are installed in jAlbum installed directory (example C:\program Files\jAlbum\skins)

The downloaded skins are installed in system Application Data folder (example: C:\users\<username>\Application Data\jAlbum\skins\)

If the same skin is found in both the skins folder, jAlbum will use the Application Data skin version.

To avoid skin edit confusion, make sure you have only one installation of  FotoSlides_V1.0 (either in Application Data or in Program Files folder)